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Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 3

Last week I visited Mr. Scott Kemp's blog, The Radical Tactical Shift, and read his post concerning the preparedness of our teachers. He asks the question "What does it mean to be a prepared teacher?" I commented that I felt to be a prepared teacher one must keep an open mind and be ready to learn new ways of teaching and not get set in their ways regarding what types of format information is presented to students in. Of course I am not a teacher yet and am sure that many challenges they face are difficult to take on. I know it must take great dedication on the part of teachers to handle the daily difficulties and keep their eye on the goal. Mr. Kemp ends his post with a question: "Are we ready?" I think we have a responsibility to the future generations to make sure that we are.

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I visited Mr. Kemp's blog again today, and the post I read told of conversations. Talking about education between educators. It seems that Mr. Kemp is feeling frustrated at the lack of change regarding education. His post says to me that he is ready to see an education revolution and is disappointed that he hasn't yet. He is wondering about his role in all of it as well. It seems to me that people like Mr. Kemp who are so willing and ready to do their part to facilitate growth and improvement in the field of education are too often not allowed to put into action some of their ideas. What is stopping them? The system? Resistance from others who are not willing to change? I truly hope that teachers with enthusiasm for their jobs will begin to find ways to put it to use before it burns out. It saddens me to see educators questioning themselves when they are trying so hard.
I left a comment of encouragement for Mr. Kemp. I hope that my few words give him encouragement, if only a little.

Scott Kemp's blog adress: http://mrkemp.tumblr.com/

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