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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Post 5

This weeks lesson was all about podcasting. Podcasting is a way to put digital recordings on the Internet for replaying on computers or iPods. It is cool to see students and teachers utilizing this to facilitate learning.

ipod walpaper

Eagles Nest Radio & Class Blog is hosted by some pretty amazing 3rd graders.

I listened to their podcast about ancient Rome and was impressed to say the least. These students incorporated music and dialog to bring an amazing podcast to listeners. I listened to students tell about ancient Roman architecture, Julius Ceasar, Gladiators, Cleopatra, and even the Roman's use of plumbing! I completed recording my podcast for my project 8 already, but if I do another I will definitely incorporate some music. The musical element adds a theatrical theme to their podcast and set an interesting tone. (http://blog.woodward.edu/ps_edmison/?cat=103)

The Benefits of Podcasting in The Classroom

I watched this clip about the benefits of podcasting in the classroom and felt it was very informative and demonstrative about how students can use podcasting to increase their understanding of the material they are learning. I understand after watching this clip that the students I will be teaching have grown up in an environment that incorporates technology into their everyday lives.
One of the ways that podcasting is being utilized to help students is the recording of the lessons given in class being posted for students who miss due to illness. If the student is at home they can access the lesson without risking spreading their illness to classmates. Anyone with children in school can appreciate that! I also loved the idea of parents being able to listen to what their children are learning. If parents wish to keep abreast of what is going on in the classroom then their children will be a step ahead. Being able to quiz children at home can really be helpful for parents. It can reinforce what educators are teaching and also encourage the student to stay engaged while in class because they anticipate their parent will be asking them about specifics regarding their lessons. The last thing I loved about it was the concept of students creating a podcast to communicate their lessons to others. This encourages their creative thinking and forces them to view the lesson from a new point of view.
I am sure after all I have learned to date that I will do podcasts with my students one day!

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

This article found at
tells you just what the title implies. Apparently there are 100 ways to use an iPod to study better! I can say that I do not have an iPod and never wanted one, until now! I do currently record my notes for lecture classes and listen to them when driving, exercising (I draw the line at sleeping-that is a study free zone) and it really helps on exams. I seldom realize how much I have learned until I take my tests and more often than not I get an A. I am not naturally knowledgeable but study skills are what I have found to be key in achieving academic success. So now I can add to the list of things I want, an iPod. Thanks EDM310.

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  1. Pamela,

    I really enjoyed reading your post! I love the picture of the iPods! Very cool! I really enjoyed watching the video of the Eagles Nest Radio and class blog! Those kids were so cute! I totally agree with you about the music. It kept you interested in what they were talking about. I also like how they transitioned to different students at appropriate times. I also like the video of the benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom. I posted this video to my blog as well. I thought that it could be very useful.