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Sunday, March 6, 2011

1st Progress Report on PLN

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I am still learning to orchestrate my web resources. I hope to continue to streamline my Personal Learning Network (PLN). I have created a symbaloo account and posted links to all of the resources I use the most. I have created a twitter account and must admit while I continue to read posts by educators from all over the world I am still not a frequent contributor in tweets. I plan to keep reading and learning and some time soon jump into the information stream more often.

I had a PLN before I even realized it. I have several teachers on my face book account. I have asked them all questions at one time and had the ability to view all of their answers. I have used this to write two papers regarding education in my college classes. That has been an awesome resource.

My youtube account has given me the ability to share videos that I am excited about using to learn and teach. I am still a novice at most of these things. But youtube has proven to be an invaluable resource to me in learning to use the tools on the internet. Just as quickly as you can type in a procedure you will find videos popping up that explain the steps of the most intimidating technical procedures.

Of course I have also discovered the usefulness of blogging for a purpose. In my assignments I have traveled from blog to blog reading posts by both educators and students. This to me is an incredible platform to share ideas and get advice from others. I never before realized these resources in such totality as I have in the past months. I am encouraged to continue to learn about more resources that will give me access to the wealth of ideas that are out there. Ideas about teaching and learning and life lessons.

And last but not least the amazing google. By creating a google account I have in one place my email, documents, photos, and social network. I never have to worry about my computer crashing and leaving me crying over lost papers written or lost photographs.

I am delighted at the discovery of the valuable tools that are there for free on the internet.

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