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Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 2011 C4K Summary Post

The first student blog I visited in March was TomJoe's.  He is a student in Mr. Harris's class at Pt England School in Auckland, NZ.  His post was about a trip he took to Lake Taupo.  He seemed very excited about his trip.  I love reading what's on the mind of students and asking them questions about their posts.  It is very exciting when I get an answer.  I asked TomJoe to tell me more about what it was like at Taupo.  I hope I get a response.
teacher reading to class

My second visit to student blogs took me to Room 14 Explorers.  They are a year 5/6 class in Tauranga, New Zealand.  The post I read was called:

 How Is Culture Reflected Through The Arts?

In this blog post there is a short video displaying the art work of the students.  I was really impressed.  The art is a result of what the students have learned about ancient Greek culture. I think that the work shows they have a good understanding of the subject matter.  Ancient Greece produced some amazing art.  I didn't learn about it until college and was pleased by their inspired artwork.  I left a comment praising the work for the kids.  Needless to say my comment was accompanied by many similar ones.  Nice job Room 14 Explorers! 

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