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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Post 11

Ms. Cassidy's Classroom

bear holding pencil with 1st Grade written on a page

     The video of the students in Ms. Cassidy's classroom is a view into the world of education that utilizes technology.  Not only are her students learning information to build on they are also learning accountability for their work, how to be safe on the internet, how to collaborate with others, how to use resources to gain knowledge, and so many things I could probably not list them all.  I perceived this from watching their video presentation that lasted under five minutes. 

          The children discuss briefly the use of Skype, Wiki, video production, internet safety, proper etiquette for interaction on the internet, and many other guidelines that are key for the productive use of technology.  It appears Ms. Cassity is teaching not only grammar, history, writing, math, social studies, but skills for polite and safe social interaction on the internet as well.  

     I think I would imitate Ms. Cassity's use of technology in most of the ways I saw on the video.  I intend to try to stay up to date with current tools available and try to find ways to incorporate the ones useful to my curriculum.  One of the main problems I would anticipate in the use of technology in the classroom would most likely be parent participation.  I think some parents are apprehensive concerning technology and the best way to combat that would probably be involving them in the initial education on how my class would use technology.  First hand discussion that would address the concerns parents may have would be one way to start.  Another way would be meeting with them one on one to discuss how, what, when we would use the computer and other tools.   Another problem may be access to computers and internet outside of the classroom.  This would have to be addressed by allowing adequate time in class to complete assignments on the computer.    

     Ms. Cassidy seems to use technology to encourage the students to learn, create, and teach one another.  It looks as if she has found a way to incorporate the children's nintendo DS's (my boys love these and seldom go anywhere without them) into the curriculum.   This is the sort of utilization of tools that can save money for the school.  



  1. Hello,
    I think that this teacher is an excellent example of what teachers should be doing with technology in the classroom. We should be encouraging students to use technology to expand their minds and not rot them to the point of no return.

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  3. Pam,

    Mrs. Cassidy is definitely an educator that we can all look up to! What she does with her 1st graders is absolutely amazing! It goes to show that just because someone may be young, that doesn't mean that he or she is any less capable!

    I think it's amazing how she turns "toys" (such as the DS) into an educational tool. You mentioned how the money that this can save, but also, I think it's a great way to get kids EXCITED about learning!

    Keep up the great work!

    - Allie