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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Comments for Teachers # 3

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     The teacher I am privileged to be reading currently in my Comments for Teachers assignment is Dragonsinger.  The post I read is titled "iPad in the Classroom".  

     In this post Dragonsinger is discussing a new discovery using the iPad.  She discovered a way to mirror her laptop on her iPad and effectively use it as a interactive board. This means that the laptop user and a student could work math problems together or that an instructor could possibly interact with students via iPad.  It is really amazing how many possibilities there are when technology is used in interactive and collaborative ways. I left a comment telling dragonsinger that her post was informative and that I would be following her blog for future tips on new ways to use technology for teaching.

      The second post I viewed on Dragonsinger's blog was titled "Life in Room 12".  This post is composed of three slideshows that tell the story of the goings on in room 12.  The first video is about a stuffed visitor that kept company with the students in Dragonsinger's room called Rohi who is visiting classrooms around NewZealand.  The students all had photos with Rohi and did an assignment on their time with the little birdie.  It is really cute.  The second video shows the students using different technology in the classroom and the third is a view of life in room 12.  I got the impression that Dragonsinger has happy and engaged students.  They look very at home in the classroom.   

     I also poked around a bit more on dragonsinger's blog.  What I read tells me that this is a kind, smart, and dedicated teacher.  

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