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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Post 12

Below is my idea for a blog post assignment in EDM310 that would be great to have as an earlier assignment in the course:

Watch the video Randy Pausch on Time Management.  Write about why time management might be important in EDM310 and in your college life.  How could some of these ideas benefit you in your future career?  

Go to the Penn State University's page on Time Management Excercises.  Read this page and consider the ideas presented in regards to time management.  Which of these would be helpful to you? Why?

Here is my post as directed by my created assignment:

image of a spiraling clock

     In his video on time management, Randy Pausch on Time Management,  Pausch gives some excellent advice on how to prioritize and organize one's time.  He sites some specific guidelines for plan making and plan changing.  The advice he gives in this short lecture seems to be gained from his experience and his position as a professor.  

     In EDM310 time management is of great importance.  Many of the assignments require reading a blog post or viewing a video (or both).  Some require getting acquainted with new software and equipment.  Some activities require research and creativity.  And some are quick and easy.  The important role time management plays in having success is knowing when assignments are due and how long they may take.  It is very important to allow time for mistakes so one should never wait until the day an assignment is due to begin working on it.  

   In his video on time management Pausch gives solid advice that could be applied in EDM310 and life in general.  It is a good idea to have a plan and be ready to modify it in a pinch.  

     Also the website Penn State has available with worksheets on time management and specific guidelines is great for any person who has not managed to set up a study/work/social calender.  This is a great place to begin for any student looking to organize their time.

Time Management Excercises



  1. Pamela,

    This is a great idea for an assignment. This can easily be used because there are so many students that need help with time management. I myself am one of those students. If this post had been in edm 310 earlier in the semester, I might not have procrastinated this semester with all of my classwork. Thank you for this post.

    Michelle French

  2. Agreed! How did I miss this? Many thanks to both of you. We'll see how it works. Summer is especially difficult on time management!

    Thanks very much!