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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Final Report on PLN

In my PLN progress report I said I was still learning to orchestrate my web resources.  Well, I still am.  However the orchestration is beginning to seem more fluid.  I have learned to open my delicious page every time I do any work on the internet to bookmark and categorize the sites I come across.  I love this.  It is helping me build resources for use now and in the future.  Some times a site looks like it would be great to use as a teaching tool.  I just don't have students yet so I bookmark it.  Some sites are great research tools that I can use as a student.  Delicious is there at home or away so I don't have to be at my own desk to add to it or access it.

I still use facebook as a resource because there is always an audience to ask advice from.  I am learning the value of twitter more now.  I sometimes do not have time to pursue all the links because of my studies so I bookmark them in delicious.  I have learned to ask a question in a tweet.  The results are instant and awesome.
I have fellow students as well in my PLN.  I am learning to ask and answer questions about EDM310 and other classes on threaded discussions and in social sites like twitter and facebook.
And of course blogging.  I post assignments now but plan to continue composing on my blog(s) when the term is over and well into the future.  I really love it.  I like visiting class blogs, educator blogs, you name it!  The term I like that I recently heard used is information filter.  That is a good definition of what my PLN is becoming.  There is so much information out there that is great and allot that is not so great.  Asking the opinion of others launches my search for information through the atmosphere of nonsense straight to the planet of great learning!

rocket launching

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